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BROWN is a unique twist on the ol' "get the blocks to the goal" formula: the catch is, you control several blocks, and they can't move independently. You must use the environment to manipulate both the absolute and relative positions of your brown dudes. 

This makes for some seriously complex and elegant puzzle designs with only 4 simple mechanics: blocks, lasers, ice and lava.

Can you defeat 50 brutal stages designed by a mathematician and lifelong puzzle enthusiast? If yes, then can you get gold medals on 50 brutal stages designed by a mathematician and lifelong puzzle enthusiast? If yes, then get in touch! Because that's pretty cool! If not, then keep trying. None of the puzzles are cheap (of course, that's my opinion); there is no timing or reflex required. 


ABOUT ME: I'm a 27-year-old Australian Mathematician currently living in Brazil for my first postdoctoral position. By day I study algebraic structures in computational and combinatorial settings, and by night I play and make games and pine for my guitar, left behind in Australia...


NOTE! Before spending any money, please check out the free demo (Unity Web Player) of brown! If you like it, or me, or both, then feel free to grab the full version, either here, or the Webplayer Version (coming soon) or on the Appstore (coming soon), or Google Play (here). It's "pay what you want" over US$2.99: any more than that would be super-appreciated.

Proceeds will go directly to my expenses, including but not limited to the cost of my computer, a Unity Pro license (and hence the removal of that awful splash screen), various other licences (iOS and Android Developer licences, etc) and the production of further levels and other games.

NOTE 2! If you bought 1 version of the game then I'm very happy to give you access to them all. email me at stoogebag at gmail dot com and we can figure it out.

NOTE 3! If you find a strictly better solution than my best (the gold medal usually represents my best score: sometimes this is obviously the optimal solution, sometimes not), get in touch!


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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